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1 week ago

Thank you guys for the continued support !

God’s plan for you life is amazing , beyond blessed to have an opportunity to impact.

8 months ago

Getting to a bag yesterday with @sco.oter_ ‼️‼️ drop a comment if you want to get in the gym this week 🎒🎒

8 months ago

Going crazy with bro @sco.oter_ ! Watch he comes with it this season.

8 months ago

Y’all go follow @disabledshooter for me ! This is someone that can inspire you daily. Even with odds against him he finds a way to make it happen. God bless bro. 💯

8 months ago
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Blessed to see another year ! 21 gave me situations and obstacles I needed to succeed. God I know things are going to happen but nothing is going to effect me with you by my side. Year of 22, let’s ... See more

8 months ago

Look at dude getting big his bounce back !! @amire_45

8 months ago
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Part 1 of 5 of the Gods Court skills clinic in the books ! We all have room for growth looking forward to the next one. Thanks for all the support and help! God blessed us. @ Hartford Middle School



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