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Pay as you go!

1:1 (Private session)

The objective for a private session is to FOCUS on you! It will be all geared around your style of play while adding to your game. A big emphasis on shot mechanics, change of pace and finishing. You will get more reps up in all areas.

Your ENDURANCE will get better

$75 Per Session

Team WOrkout (7-12 People)

Team workout will be a lot more situational drills, along with things that teams emphasize. Which involves more pick and rolls , basket cuts, relocating, etc.

Along with always working on personal development by adding in finishing , shooting and moves throughout the drills.

$200 Per Session

Three Athletes

Three is a great number to have in a work out because there is so much you can do. You are able to do competitive drills but with it being a small group you can focus on the importance of the game; such as footwork , change of pace, shooting mechanics , finishing , etc.

$125 Per Session

Organized Group (4-6 People)

The objective of a group workout is too make it more competitive and more working on one on one moves. Will involve with a lot of ball handling and finishing mixed with a little bit of shooting. It will not be as geared to one person but instead will be focused on all.
This is still a great way to get better, always will focus on shot form, body movement footwork.

$175 Per Session

Two Athletes

This is a good way to push yourself , by adding one more player with you to a workout can go along way. With it only being two people I am able to focus on them just like a one on one session. I will be sure to work on shot mechanics , footwork, and change of pace. Endurance will be a big factor as well.

$100 Per Session

Open Group Workouts

Is the same as Organized Group workout but thisĀ  you come to the scheduled session instead of creating your own

$25 Per Session

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