Since 2017 

Our mission

“Commit your work to the lord and your plans will be established”
- proverbs 16:3

Give players the opportunity to be in an environment that will forever change there lives. Being able to push them in a direction that instills dedication and hard work for many years to come. While teaching them the ins and outs about the game of basketball.



“When I train with Conner, I’m always being pushed to be the best in the gym. He has developed my game a lot, always looked out for me, every drill he worked with me has translated in the game, he has improved my jump shot tremendously, and I have been blessed to train with him.”

Khoi Thurmon

"Conner and I have a brother-like relationship. We have been working for around 3 to 4 years, and I’ve gotten better every one of them. I am thankful to be working in God’s Court because he has pushed me to get better on the court along with off the court.
In the workouts, he’s going to push me to my limits and never going to make it easy. Thankful for all the work we put in and continue to put in."

Darryn Peterson

"We’ve been working together for about 4 years. Your training has pushed my game to another level, it helped my jump shot develop and gave me many moves to add to my game. You always push me to go harder and want the best for me."

Kobe Johnson

"Conner has helped kids/pros become confident, competitive, and more skilled when they consistently train with him. His passion and creativity have translated into one of the better young trainers in the game. I've enjoyed working alongside him and being a part of his growth. Players that come through "God's Court" represent what hard work looks like! Sky's the limit."

Keith McLeod



God's Court

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