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Our mission

“Commit your work to the lord and your plans will be established”
- proverbs 16:3

Give players the opportunity to be in an environment that will forever change there lives. Being able to push them in a direction that instills dedication and hard work for many years to come. While teaching them the ins and outs about the game of basketball.



"I’ve trained with Connor multiple amounts of times, I trust him that every time I train with him,m I will learn something new and get an overall good workout in. With that being said, he had definitely helped me with changing my speed and pace, he helped me with all types of finishing at the basket and much more! One of the best trainers in Ohio hands down."

Vann Aubrey

Copley High School

"Helped me with my reaction to defenders and being more comfortable on the arc, the ability to finish with more finesse around the rim and working on different ways to finish at all angles. Helped me with change of speed and keeping myself going! Like when I’m tired to keep pushing through"

Mason McMurray

Ohio University

"I like that the training is player specific. I think like your eye of the game to see what players need to improve on to take them to the next level. It’s helped me realize one how good I can be if I apply what I’ve learned. And it’s made me more aware of my speed, quickness, shiftiness, and the overall pace."

Jalen Archer

Lancaster Bible College

"I like how your workouts translate to real game situations and how you always push me to be the best version of my self while we’re working. I also like that we don’t just have a trainer to the player relationship you’re a cool person to be around overall."

Tae Perie

Buchtel High School

"Every time I train with Connor I feel myself getting better and better. You do not leave his training without being pushed beyond your limits. The endless drills and countless combinations you do off of each drill, set you up to be great in all aspects on the basketball court. Off the court he cannot be any better of a friend, relying on the Word of God and true friendship to connect better with other clients and me."

Cole Piatko

Columbia International University

"Your training helped me with my confidence and with my IQ. You helped me get a better feel for the game and learn to believe and myself and work hard."

Bryan Flannery

Conner is one of the best at what he does. "His understanding of angles and just of the game period is great. He improved my game over the summer just by teaching me how to be more shifty with my hesitation move and having more finesse around the rim. He also is really hands-on in the workout because he teaches the game he doesn’t just say do this drill he explains what it’s for and why it should be used which not every trainer does."

Craig Randell

"I love the way gods court breaks the individual skills down as well as challenging each participant to get outside of their comfort zone. He understands the game so much and gives you the tools you need. Helped me with creating more space off of the dribble, being more shifty and having the ability to get your defender off of they feet with a hesitation to get to the basket. Gods court is one of the best at what he does. I highly recommend you to get in contact with him if you want to get to the next level."

Des Gattis

Overseas Pro



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